75 year-old Woman Takes a Hammer to Them (Comcast)

Mona Shaw of Bristow, Virginia, went at her local Comcast payment center with a hammer, smashing up some items, all the while asking, “Do I have your attention now?” After being arrested, the 75 year-old with a heart condition complained that the company had begun to switch over her phone service, then left it for four days and her without a phone. Apparently after many attempts to get the issue resolved, she resolved to take things (like a hammer) into her own hands.

As the world changes and as customers begin to have more choices, this kind of behavior will only come from the fading oligopolies (and few monopolies–check out Seth’s Blog) of the world.

If you have time for a bit of humor, check out Kramer’s rather elaborate cable man revenge scheme from one of the greatest series ever…

3 Responses to “75 year-old Woman Takes a Hammer to Them (Comcast)”
  1. mush says:

    hi brandon, i’d like to feature this on my wowNshit blog. not sure how to go about doing that.
    cheers… mush

  2. BK says:

    thanks! feel free to “trackback” button to the right for the link. (is this what you are asking?) -B

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