Consumers Deserve Better

Walt Mossberg has a great article in the Wall Street Journal about the stranglehold that wireless telecom companies have on the mobile phone business–limiting choice and stifling competition. A shortsighted and often just plain stupid federal government has allowed itself to be bullied and fooled by a handful of big wireless phone operators for decades … Continue reading


No Surprises for Radiohead

“And, yes, it probably would give us perverse pleasure to say ‘f*** you’ to this decaying business model.”–lead singer Thom Yorke in the Telegraph The Telegraph reports that Radiohead‘s recent gamble has paid off famously. Unbelievably, they chose to offer their latest album, In Rainbows for download for whatever price you choose. That’s right, $0 … Continue reading

It’s All Marketing

My [brilliant and beautiful] wife made a simple observation revealing a generally truth that we all intuitively know: “It’s All Marketing.” From the product that we decide to create to the market we choose to target. From each and every design decision we make to each and every word we use to describe those decisions. … Continue reading

The Lexus and the iPhone

I was just thinking about an example in the Tipping Point of a company that understands the importance of early-adopters.  Apparently just after Toyota started its Lexus line, they realized that they had made a mistake with the first 400LS model (so small that most companies would have ignored it), their flagship car.  Instead of … Continue reading

nothing fails like success

In the foreword to Crucial Conversations (I will tell you what I think when I am done reading it), Steven Covey writes: I can see the wisdom in the assertion of the great historian Arnold Toynbee, who said that you can pretty well summarize all of history–not of society, but of institutions and people–in four … Continue reading

300 Page iPhone Bill

Okay, this one is far more impressive…

47 Pages

That’s how long my AT&T phone bill was this month. I recently purchased an iPhone (love it!!!) along with the AT&T plan that comes with it. Apparently, they not only log every call, but they also log every single data transfer. Every single one! So, as the title of this post suggests, the bill really … Continue reading