Prison Poker solves Cold Cases?

I want to know who it was who was sitting around and asking himself (herself) the question, “How can I leverage prison inmates’ obsession with poker to solve major crimes?”  We may not know who asked the question, but the question has been answered: By issuing playing cards that highlight unsolved murders.  The approach has … Continue reading


DO NOT CALL me then, DO NOT CALL me now, DO NOT CALL me

Yes, as a person that has spent the past 22 years in one form or another of sales, I have done cold calling. I have even called people at home (though it made me feel dirty). And, of course, I have also received my share of such calls. The federal DO NOT CALL list was … Continue reading

Apple says, “Brick THIS!”

“May the bricking begin!” Yes, that’s right. To you morons (including me) who first paid full price ($599) and told everybody you knew to buy one, telling everyone that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, more ground breaking than the spoon (the eating utensil not the cuddle), more groundbreaking than [enter YOUR FAVORITE … Continue reading

75 year-old Woman Takes a Hammer to Them (Comcast)

Mona Shaw of Bristow, Virginia, went at her local Comcast payment center with a hammer, smashing up some items, all the while asking, “Do I have your attention now?” After being arrested, the 75 year-old with a heart condition complained that the company had begun to switch over her phone service, then left it for … Continue reading

The Making of the Human Flipbook

You should also check out the making of the video. Enjoy…

The Human Flipbook…it was only a matter of time…

I am not sure that its viewers are all rushing out to buy submarine sandwiches, but using a human (along with 150 t-shirts) as a flipbook is definitely a remarkable idea.

I love the idea of! It is a perfect example of a “disruptor”, changing–practically overnight–the ways in which we think of CRM (customer relationship management), placing it on the web and offering a wonderfully scalable solution to growing businesses. And, of course, I love anything and anyone who challenges Microsoft.

Outside the box

The world is changing at hyper-speed and yesterdays answers don’t make for reliable solutions tomorrow. We must continue to think in new ways.

Not all of them

Just most.  Okay, okay, rules can be good (I can think of some commandments that I don’t want to mess with).  And they have managed to keep my little boy from burning himself on the stove (not the fireplace… but that’s a different story for a different time).  But many of the rules need to … Continue reading

Hello world!

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