DO NOT CALL me then, DO NOT CALL me now, DO NOT CALL me

Yes, as a person that has spent the past 22 years in one form or another of sales, I have done cold calling. I have even called people at home (though it made me feel dirty). And, of course, I have also received my share of such calls. The federal DO NOT CALL list was an answer to prayer for millions of Americans, but few realize that, as of Sept. 15, their registration on the list began to expire. That’s because there is a 5 year limit, after which people must re-register for another five years.

Newsweek reports that less than one-third of those who need to re-register on the Do Not Call list. According to them, marketers are ready to pounce. Chris Houchens makes the great point that people who didn’t want to be called 5 years ago, don’t want to be called today. I doubt there are many sitting around, saying to themselves, “I miss those calls…I feel so lonely.”

For those of you who do make those calls, keep in mind that you will rarely be seen as a person that wants to help the consumer solve a problem. You will never be seen as a consultant. Instead, you will spend most of your time trying to change the prospect’s (if we can really call them that) first impression of you as a rude intruder.


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